Ambrosia Events has a Team of Experts Professionally Driven to Best Fulfil your Décor Needs.

Whether you are hosting an intimate get-together, or having a major Event, equal importance is placed on the quality of service given.

Fresh, exhilarant ideas and concepts are our forte. As such, the fearless ability to explore new décor concepts, whilst working intimately with your trail of thought, makes Ambrosia a leading pioneer in the event and décor industry. The most modern styles of décor, with the use of the latest trends in colour, and a highly trained team of decor experts, are all part of our decorative expression. This coupled with the nature of your affordability (for which we certainly endeavour to and succeed in creating the highest value) means you get the best function you could possibly imagine.

Should you wish to set up your own Event, our warehouse provides a broad array of décor items, including furniture and materials for draping. Visit our show room and choose the items which will make your function spectacular at your own discretion. Our friendly family of staff is always available to assist you.


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