“It all started with my twenty-first “do”. I found my niche hidden amongst the intricacies of a 1950s black, white and pink evening. The rest was history, really! Even my wedding was difficult to hand over, because I had a vision which no one else seemed capable of fulfilling. I think that was when I subconsciously made a promise to strive to not let anyone else suffer that same frustration. Thus, after a few years, Ambrosia was born.”

– Christina Roussetis

The year was 2004, in November, when, in a small Greek household, Christina Roussetis founded a small ‘work-from-home’ business that would, in no time become a household name in the Events Industry.

Soon, the 30 napkin details – that were precisely knotted and glued to be ready for a bride waiting with bated breath one week later to walk into her stunning wedding reception – became 1200 napkin details that were to be ready for a corporate giant’s Christmas do. Thus goes the story of Ambrosia: ever-growing from strength to strength; from stock threatening to burst the confines of a Randburg suburban car garage, to stock similarly testing the space limits of a double-storey warehouse.

Not without many risks and challenges, this tenacious woman with the drive to succeed has nurtured the company into a fully-flourishing business, comprising a tight-knit, handpicked family of staff – capable of bringing Christina’s intricate and uniquely flared ideas to life – and a promising clientele.


Where Ambrosia got its Name

Ambrosia means Nectar and comes from the Greek word αμβροσία, which ancient Greeks believed would immortalise the Greek gods sitting atop mount Olympus. Since the company’s vivacious founder has deeply-running Greek roots, it is only fitting that Ambrosia should share such a connection as well.

As with Christina’s vision for the events world, Ambrosia seeks to provide nourishment and abundance of life and love in the world; To immortalise one’s event in the sweet golden nectar of the gods.

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